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Wholesale Fulfillment Services

You’re one business – so why should you have to have multiple fulfillment providers?


Most eCommerce Fulfillment Providers don’t do wholesale fulfillment. At Ocelot, we do. We act as a one-stop shop for both your direct fulfillment needs for individual consumers as well as a large-format shipper for some of your biggest business customers.


Picking, Packing & Shipping

We efficiently pick, pack and ship cases and pallets direct to your wholesale customers’ doors.



We provide both UPC-128 and PS-128 labelling services, based on your wholesale customer needs.


EDI Integrations

Whatever electronic data interchange systems you use, we can integrate for faster, more accurate shipping.

Low-Picking Costs

We offer low-cost picking for our wholesale customers, saving you money that your customer base needs.


1-2 day shipping for most of the country


and we’ll show you how Human Logistics can get to work for your business.

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