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Subscribe. Ship. Rinse. Repeat.

At Ocelot Logistics, we’ve seen the power of subscription fulfillment: Steady recurring revenue, better inventory forecasting and predictable shipment schedules. Human Logistics means that we make it easy for you to offer subscription services directly to your customers.


Pick, Pack and Ship

We can easily pick, pack and ship custom packages to over half of the country in under two days.


Full Customization

Subscription services often means building custom kits for customers. Our fully flexible Human Logistics approach enables us to build kits that earn you more revenue and customer loyalty.


Customer Service Capabilities

Returns management and fully responsive customer service make for a smoother customer experience for your subscribers.


Want to get started with your own subscription fulfillment program today? Get a Quote today and we’ll look forward to showing you how Human Logistics can get to work for you.

1-2 day shipping for most of the country

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and we’ll show you how Human Logistics can get to work for your business.

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