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eCommerce Fulfillment


You just set up your new Shopify site. What’s next? Hint: Everything else.

Ocelot Logistics was built from the ground up to quickly and accurately fill orders for eCommerce fulfillment. This is our bread and butter, and it’s what Human Logistics is all about. Read about our eCommerce fulfillment services below.


Pick, Pack and Ship

Ship anything from eaches to cases, with the ability to deliver to over half the country in two days or less.


Full Customization

Utilize custom packaging and mixing and matching to offer your customers a unique product experience you know they’ll love.


Subscription Order Fulfillment

Easily and accurately fulfill subscription orders, including fully customized subscription boxes your customers will love.


Ship Up North

Full shipping capabilities across both North America and Canada


Customer Service Capabilities

Returns management and fully responsive customer service make for a smoother customer experience.

Like we said: eCommerce Fulfillment is what we do best. Get a Quote today and we’ll look forward to showing you how Human Logistics can get to work for you.

1-2 day shipping for most of the country


Request a quote today

and we’ll show you how Human Logistics can get to work for your business.

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