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Non-Compliant Product

Any inbound product that enters our facility must follow our guidelines. This SOP is created for anything that does not meet our contract expectations. The SOP is to ensure communication, and proper charges. 

Non-Compliant examples: 

  • Product Severely damaged- bad enough to need completely sorted and or re-boxed 

  • Missing a packing slip for verification 

  • Missing labels, barcodes, expiration dates 

  • No ASN 

  • Full mixed pallets requiring sorting  


  1. Communication: The office will reach out to make you aware of the issues. At which time, if possible, the product can be received, but must be quarantined.  

  2. The product will be moved to a non-compliant location area, the product in question will be received to the non-compliant location no matter what.  

  3. Once the office has received an answer, the office will have a plan of action set in order.  

  4. Calculations of costs will be prepared before work is given back to the warehouse, setting up the additional charges. Labels, labor hours, new boxes etc. 

  5. Work is given back to the warehouse once needed materials are prepared for the project. Labor hours will be tracked at this point, if needed.  

  6. Labor being the final recorded cost- will be identified and sent to accounting.  

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