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Creations By Kai

Chef Kai Chase is a customer here at Ocelot Logistics and we thought it was time that we shared her story.

chef Kai has been a chef for 24 years, she studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in Paris, France in 1997. Once done with school she then opened her own catering company called "Kai Chase Catering".

Chef Kai has been and is a personal chef. She also worked for Wolfgang Puck catering. Chef Kai has been a personal chef for some of the top names in entertainment. She has been a chef for Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Mary J. Blige, Jalen Rose and Steve Harvey. She is currently the personal chef for Kevin Hart.

She got started as a small business owner early in the start of her career. She has been a business owner for 24 years. Today she owns and operates a catering company that specializes in New American Cuisine and culinary experiences.

Chef Kai also has spices that are called "Creations by Kai". On her website you can find that she has a 3 spice gift pack. The pack includes the spices, 5 spice Habanero and Ginger, California Citrus salt and Warm Cajun and Chicory. To find these spices and gift pack head to her website, Here you can find her spices, recipes and more about Chef Kai herself.

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