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Return Policy

This is a notice to all Ocelot customers about a Return Policy. 


Returns are processed at the warehouse for a variety of reasons, such as issue with the address, damaged items, refused by customer or customer return. 

All returns to Ocelot will be processed using the following steps. 

  1. An Ocelot office employee will receive returns from the warehouse. 

  2. As each return is processed an email will be sent to the Ocelot customer with the following information. Some return packages do not have enough of the information regarding the customer. This can happen if returned by carrier due to damages.  

  3. Order number 

  4. Customer Name 

  5. Carrier who did the return 

  6. Reason for return, if known. 

  7. Disposition of the return. (Returned to stock or disposed) 

  8. Items will be returned to inventory or disposed of based on the state of the return. 

  9. Will reach out to the customer, contact on file if there are questions. 

With the way Ocelot’s WMS works it is not possible to reship the same order due to incorrect ship to address. A new order will need to be placed in the system with the corrected address. 

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