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Special Projects

Special projects can come up at any time and we are here to help. For example, if an inbound comes in and needs to be re-boxed due to damage or you realize an item needs new labels as they are incorrect. Ocelot can help with that.  


The following is how special projects are handled. 


  1. Email someone in customer service:

  2. You will be emailed a form to fill out regarding the special project. Please be as detailed as possible.  

  3. Someone will reach out with questions and go over the details. 

  4. If anything needs to be sent to the warehouse, it will be placed on hold until it is received. 

  5. Once everything is in the warehouse that is needed, you will be advised as to when the warehouse is able to start the project. 

  6. There is a flat fee of $45 an hour per person. This will be added to your bill under special projects. 

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