Ocelot Logistics is a central logistics hub for your multi-channel fulfillment needs. Unlike most e-commerce fulfillment centers we can also store and ship your wholesale business.

More flexible

Ocelot Logistics picks, packs and ships anything from eaches to cases to pallets.

More customized

Staffed by people who know your business, meaning we can customize more, helping you to drive more sales.

More consultative

We help you leverage our team’s experience in food and natural products logistics to offer value-added consultation and advice.


Our Lite-Footprint warehousing model means less dead time, and more picking, packing and shipping.

In a world of faceless apps, we connect on a personal level. Your company is more than just a product; it is people behind the products.

Ocelot clients always have a main contact point they can connect with via phone, email, video.


We stay in touch with our clients above and beyond the norm. We actually like hearing from you!

Need something custom? An insert perhaps? A custom box? We do that.

We give you access to data.

1-day delivery to 26% of the country

2-day delivery to over 50% of the country

Warehouse Location:
Perrysburg, Ohio


We ship anything from eaches to pallets


Meet The Team

Jeff Widronak



Warehouse Manager


Warehouse Associate


Warehouse Associate


Warehouse Associate


Warehouse Associate

Richard Rosenfeld

Big Cat

Kevin Glynn


Karl Allen

Client Success Manager


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