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Transitioning Your Business

Ocelot starts every new relationship by understanding your unique business needs.


We ask you essential questions: 

“Who are your customers?” “What kind of special needs does your brand have?”  “What kind of packaging does it need to go into?” Is it fragile?” 


We ask about customization. 

Are there custom inserts? Do you have a custom box that you want us to use? Are there certain ways that you want to mix and match different products as a new offer?


We ask about integrations.

Before we bring a single piece of your merchandise into our warehouse, we fully test all of our integrations with your business systems. Whether it’s Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, QuickBooks or some other business tool, we make sure that operations will be seamless once we’re working together.


Next, we get to work.

We get you up and running in a system that’s tailored to your unique business needs. We store your products on the shelves for easy picking. Everything in our warehouse is at a human level, enabling us to quickly, easily and accurately fill your order.


We do all of these things for a simple reason — so that you can forget about fulfillment and warehousing and focus on one thing: Growing your business. 

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